Who is Almighty God?

Just like when you get to know a person and they are becoming your friend, you get to know their name and that person right? The same is with Almight God. If you want to be his friend then you need to learn his Name and get to know him better.what is his name according to the bible? some bibles take out his name. Ps83:18- says his name is Jehovah. Jesus said when on earth "there is one God, the Father." 1Cor. 8:6. Did you know that the word "Trinty" is not even in the bible? Jesus never claimed to be the same as God. instead he worshiped God. Luke 22:41-44...more


There are times when you wake up and wish you had not.  Nothing hurts; no pain in your body; family, friends, and neighbors are all excelling, and you are looking forward to the day ahead. Even though your day is scheduled so tight that you can hardly breathe, all is well with your world.  Yet, your early morning wake up disturbs you. You feel strange, restless, exposed, but to what you cannot say.Like Job, you get up and while drinking your first cup of coffee: ...more

Time To Get Off The Fence

How much of God’s word is real to you? Is some of it easy to believe and the rest just too much? That could be why you’re not seeing answered prayer. Time to go back to 2Timothy 3:16. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. So what part of the Bible doesn’t fall into all?...more