McQuaids in Ireland

Why I believe past lives are nonsense: every time someone has a reading of a past life, they were a king, magician, lord or beloved artist. My family's past lives: horse thief, indentured servant, farmer, fireman, outlaw....more

An Antidote for Depression: 7 Ways to Battle Depression

Depression. The most common emotional sickness in this world today. Many of us have experienced depression or are currently experiencing it. So many clinical psychologists and psychiatrists are counseling people with this illness, but an estimated 19 million American adults are still living with major depression. Why is this?...more

Is Alternative Medicine Just a Placebo?

As someone who supports many forms of alternative medicine, included many alternative medicine practitioners in my integrative medicine practice at the Owning Pink Center, and empowers my patients to seek out treatments based on the guidance of their healing inner wisdom (I call it your “Inner Pilot Light”), this statement in an article on CNN caught my eye:...more