When Your Daughter Believes In Santa Claus But You Don't

"Mom, Santa Claus left me a letter in my drawer yesterday," says my six-year-old. Now before I go on, our family does not "do" the Santa Claus thing. From the get-go, my husband and I decided we did not want to buy gifts and tell our children it was from someone else. ...more
dizmommy Wow - I never considered it like you shared... a metaphor for life. Yes, sometimes we ...more

Remind You of Someone?

I have always loved this quote: "Yes, VIRGINIA, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy." ...more

Are You Ready For The Big Day? I Know I Am.

Bellonheels.com It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Period.Having little kids is the absolute best. I am more excited about Christmas now than when I was a kid myself....more

Deflowering a Believer

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmYou know how they say that your children will always be your babies, even when they're grown?Well, that's maybe a little more true for one of my kiddos than for the others.My little Bella is just more child-like than most kids her age. Chalk it up to her delay, her learning disabilities, her short stature if you want. She recently turned 15, but if you met her, you might think she was more like 10 or 11....more

The Weight of Santa.....again

Happy Holidays, no matter what you celebrate or don't celebrate. Whatever your reason for the season, I hope you ate lots of cookies. As for me, I cooked a big dinner today and ate way too much of it. I have a lot to say, but no energy to sit here and tap on this keyboard. So I will simply share again this post from two years ago--it seems like a lifetime ago that I wrote this, but the story still warms my heart.* The Weight of Santa (from December, 2009)...more

I Believe: A Chance Encounter with Santa

Dear Santa, I don’t know what other name to call you, so I hope it’s OK if I stick with that one. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it was to see you at our local restaurant last night. Such a nice surprise! When I saw my daughter (Anna, as you know) smiling in shy recognition at someone across the room, I expected to turn around to see her teacher or one of her classmates. But instead I saw you, in all your white-bearded, spectacled glory, enjoying a quiet meal with Mrs. Claus. In a Harley T-shirt and jeans. No matter…the kids didn’t need to see your red suit or reindeer companions to know it was you....more
Yes, I am teary, too. I hope that Noah’s mom, and those who likewise feel uncomfortable with ...more

My near breakup with Santa Claus

Diannebug I loved santa as a kid and I love the idea as an adult. I think it's fun and magical. Unfortunately, I learned the truth about Santa a bit younger than most kids. After some argument between my older cousins, one of them thought it would be a laugh riot to let me in the know. I was all of four or five years old....more

The Easter Bunny called. Santa is dead.

I have worn many hats this week. Today was gardener, party planner, referee and nagging mom. Somewhere I misplaced my bunny ears....more

A Moment of Magic

When Grandma came to visit, she stayed in my bedroom because I didn’t sleep in there anyhow. To my brother’s embarrassment, I slept with him until he grew too old, had enough, and kicked me out. One Christmas Eve, I left my brother’s bed in the middle of the night. I crawled into my own bed, with Grandma. Grandma was not like other Grandma’s I knew, and I wanted more of her....more