Did You Celebrate Women's Equality Day?

Yesterday, August 26, was Women's Equality Day. (It also was my non-blogging friend's birthday, so a big shout out to Dr. P, who probably spent the day operating, as she is a surgeon. Which is a good way, I think, to celebrate women's equality, but as usual I digress.) RosieRed23 at Spare Candy explains that: ...more

Women's Equality Day: Are we there yet?

Women's Equality Day, August 26, is a holiday first proposed by Rep. ...more

Do Women's Gains Make Women's History Month Ho-Hum?

I'm finding Women's History Month this year greeted with yawns. That could mean women and women's contributions are becoming everywhere recognized as integral to political and social history.  If so, it's not yet a publicly acknowledged fact. No surprise there. ...more