My Beltane Baby is Seven

Happy Birthday Stitch! My May Day gift is a gift that keeps on giving me joy, y’all. Her latest thing has been the obsession with normalcy. For example, she’ll ask: “I have pain in my tummy when I have gas. Is that normal?” “My nose is cold. Is that normal?” “Sometimes my farts don’t smell like anything. Is that normal?” If you can imagine a small girl with big blue eyes and a pixie haircut asking these questions in profound earnestness, you can see why Sweet Babou and I have a hard time keeping the straight face required to answer her. ...more
LOOOOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!more

May Day Musing

As the Beltane fires burn high tonight and the earth rises to meet the passions of spring, I begin NaBloPoMo*, a commitment to post every day through the month of May. Thirty-one posts in thirty-one days. This is the third time I've done NaBloPoMo, and I have to admit, it's not easy to keep up. But I've done it twice and I can do it a third time....more

The Celtic Year - Oak Moon


May Day's Beltane: A Springtime Halloween

Blooming flowers and spring-time showers; this season really could not feel less like Halloween. ...more

Earthy Spirituality: Thoughts and Practices from Around the Web

Earth Day has come and Earth Day has gone, but still we are standing on this orb scratching our heads and wondering what to do to save her.   ...more