Should Judges Be Elected?

When Justice Sandra Day O'Connor retired from the Supreme Court in January of 2006, one of the issues she felt very strongly about was the increasingly common call for federal judges, and state judges, to be elected as opposed to appointed. She was decidedly against the idea, and has put a great deal of her time, outside of hearing cases on various federal courts of appeal and encouraging greater civics education, to fighting efforts in various states to turn to an elective system of placing judges on the bench. ...more

My New Entry Way Complete

The Bench Won OutAt last it is complete - I made the final touches today by installing hooks for the light fixture.  I had gone back and forth with deciding on whether or not to place a console table at the entry way or a bench. ...more
Why thank you. Getting ready to paint the 2nd bench. It's a bit taller therefore I'm using it as ...more

DIY Padded Bench

DIY Padded Bench ...more