Benefits of a Good Back and Neck Massage

Relax and Rejuvenate with Massage TherapyMassages are relaxing, and that is exactly why all of us love them! But the fact is that a professionally done massage has several therapeutic effects apart from mere relaxation. A professional masseur’s expert strokes usually give rise to the reaction in the body during and after a massage of the body releasing the “feel-good” chemicals called endorphins that have pain-relieving and mood-elevating properties....more

Avoid the #1 Mistake Exhausted People Make

"I'm in a hurry to get things done, I rush and rush until life's no fun," .  or something like that.  So goes the old song and it made me think.  About how many people are struggling to keep their head above water and make money to pay the bills.  About how exhausted some people seem to be when they get into a cycle of work, eat, sleep with little time for doing what they reallly like.  What they value.  Or when they do get some time off to do something really great, they are too tired to enjoy it. ...more

Start Saving

Having a little money stashed away gives you breathing room, freedom and choices. Especially when it is hard to pay the bills. Although it is difficult it can be done (really) and the benefits you give yourself are well worth it. One effective way to save is to open a new savings account, in your name only. Next, start automatic transfers (bi-monthly or monthly) from the account your income is deposited into to your new savings account. Choose the amount wisely and keep it low and realistic. ...more

Want to Be Your Own Boss and Own Your Own Business? Start-Up Help & Money for Veterans

Are you a U.S. military veteran?  An ever-growing number of U-S military veterans are returning home and joining the ranks of entrepreneurship.  ...more

Sleeping with your baby: What are the benefits? Is it safe?

The choice of where your baby is going to sleep is a personal and family-specific decision. A lot of parents have a preconceived notion about where their baby will sleep and then the baby's temperment changes all of that. A lot of the information available in the media and from public health authorities on co-sleeping (or bed sharing) is inaccurate and may serve to dissuade parents from making a choice that would work well for their family. If you want to learn more about co-sleeping to decide if it is right for your family and also how to make it safe, please read on: ...more

I co-slept with both my kids. I barely woke to breastfeed (roll, plop out boob, roll back). ...more

Getting your unemployment benefits - readers help each other online

Over at Workforce Developments I blog about work, employment and job training. With the recent economic downturn, I've been blogging more about unemployment. To help readers I recently compiled a state-by-state list of links to information about the unemployment extension. ...more

Are You one of the 12 million?

Are you one of the 12 Million?  ...more

Health Insurance for the Self-Employed: Navigating the Wild Waters

While I have been flying solo in my business full time for a number of months now, the time has come for me to find health benefits. I knew it was going to be a complicated process, but the last few weeks have left my head spinning in a way I haven't experienced since my first big party weekend as a freshman in college. ...more

I am glad to have come across your post and the references to other bloggers on this topic. My ...more

The Best Places to Work

There's no such thing as a perfect job. Or is there? Fortune's annual look at the 100 Best Companies to Work For begs the question, offering a raft of reasons why these workplaces are top-notch. ...more