Dark Chocolate Benefits Fitness Too?! Sweet!

It is the news I have been waiting for! Well, not exactly waiting for but I am excited about it anyway! I am a sucker for a glass of red wine and big hunk of dark chocolate in the evening, so this information is most welcome. It is no secret that dark chocolate benefits health in many ways. Cocoa, the main ingredient in dark chocolate, contains fiber, nutrients and antioxidants....more

The upside to chocolate

I always buy my boys chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Why? Because of its health benefits. Obviously that’s a lie. But it’s comforting to know that chocolate, unlike a lot of other really delicious food, has a lot of pluses in its pro’s column, and not that many in its con’s. ...more

Dried Cherry and Roasted Pepito Dark Chocolate Bark

My first foray into making chocolate bark was last Christmas—we were snowed in and I wanted to make something festive using whatever ingredients I could find in my pantry. This time, I had purchased some roasted and salted pepitas to make a sauce for skirt steak tacos, then figured out that I'd bought the wrong thing. What to do with them? The pepitas made a nice salty snack, but I do love a little sweet with my salt. The result is my Dried Cherry and Roasted Pepita Dark Chocolate Bark....more
Neat. I bought some chocolate-covered pepitas last [?] year from Cost Plus, but didn't eat them ...more