Why You Too Should Love Strength Training

Hey y’all! How is everyone? Only two days left until family time, for me. I can’t wait!!I wish, like most people, I were off tomorrow. Sadly, with my chosen profession as a tax attorney, December 31st is our busy time so we don’t have off on Friday and we *may* have off Monday, depending if a client calls with an “emergency”. Haha, yes. This time of year, everything is an “emergency”.Ok, enough of the work business! This morning I wasn’t feeling the 4 mile. Actually, I kind of prefer to run long distance runs in the evening....more

Why Do I Need to Lift Weights? -- The Benefits of Lifting Weights for Women

One of the most important aspects of any flat stomach workout that many women miss, is weight lifting.  Unfortunately, weight lifting for women comes with many negative connotations that have since discouraged women from spending time in the weight room. Many women instead spend their hours on the treadmill, wondering why they still have yet to reach their flat stomach goals....more
Great post! Thanks.  I fell in love with weightlifting a few months ago.  I feel so empowered ...more