Start of September

Hey again! This time I stuck another couple of weeks together just to try and get caught up. There are some in here that I was REALLY pleased with. Hope you see something you like, too!Gyoza...more

Sandwich and Stars and Another Big Bento

It was pointed out to me yesterday that calling the bento I made for myself an "adult" bento could cause some confusion. So I'll be calling them kid bentos and big bentos from now on! So now that that's settled... I took some inspiration for Miss Girl's bento from yesterday's. She tends to like fewer and fewer "kid" things....more

Back--With an Adult Sandwich Bento!

Apparently I'm unreliable at best when it comes to updating here. I get bored and it goes right out the window. But now I'm starting a whole new adventure in bento-making, so it's exciting again!  I've only been making bento lunches for my girly, and while they're fun in their way, I get bored with them. Now, I've decided to start making bento lunches for my guy and myself. Even though I work from home, having a bento made will hopefully keep me from my usual bad habits. It's so tempting, working at home, alone, at night to eat poorly. Time for dinner? Do I want to cook for one?...more

Halloween Bento

Counting down days to Halloween, I got inspired to make a Halloween themed bento lunch for my kids. This is my first attempt to make charaben (character bento!) All the cute Halloween themed treats and decorations I see everywhere these days, there's no better time to try. I love decorating cookies and treats for holidays anyway, so why not have fun with bento? ...more

More Catching Up! Week of 09/10.

Once again, I took pictures this week but couldn't be bothered to post them until just now. So instead of one lunch, we have an entire week! Well, except for the cuter one from Friday. It'll get its own post.At the beginning of the week I was starting to run low on groceries but hadn't made it to the store just yet, so the first three lunches this week are kind of scavenger-y. You've been warned....more

Lots of Catching Up! Week After Labor Day.

I have lots of catching up to do!This time of year is my gloomy time. Couple that with schedule changes and a few very unfortunate personal life goings-on and you have me doing...barely the bare minimum. So I'm sorry, I haven't kept up here. But I did still faithfully make Miss Girl's lunches and take pictures!...more

Lunchie Munchie Can Be Green and Bento

Lunchie Munchie! (South Park reference here, hah).Since buying the set of Lunchskins (and subsequently realizing I need two more: one set per family member who lunches), I've been brainstorming lunch box ideas for Sillyboy.  He's starting 1st grade in just two weeks, and his trusty lunch box from last year has seen much better days....more

Down Time (Recipe: Stir Fried Forbidden Black Rice with Tempeh, Garlic Scapes, Crimini)

I thought things were slowly returning to an upswing but I was wrong. Last Saturday I fell during a ceremonial Walk To London roll and trashed my helmet. The fall was absurd and I am mad at myself for crashing under such innocuous circumstances. My helmet served me well and shattered as it should but I was dizzy for some time. After much consideration, I was taken to a nearby hospital in Washington DC on an ambulance, strapped to a board on the stretcher to immobilize me....more

For Him And For Her

I am in Germany right now at the cusp of a very important race. This time last week, I was at home preparing a bento to be hand delivered to Boyfriend for his birthday. As far as travel planning goes, this was not my brightest move. Over the course of a week, I went from Toronto—>Virginia—>Toronto—>Virginia—>Brussels—>Copenhagen—>Damp, Germany. Sometimes, a bit of legwork is necessary to be with someone I care about, to do something that means a lot to me....more

Moroccan-Inspired Bento

Bento is not exclusive to Japanese cooking in my kitchen. The concept of portable lunch in a compact and visually pleasing package makes so much sense that I happily pack bento for all kinds of cuisines. Remember my French bento? Or my bento with Smoked Salmon Wild Rice and Vegetable Patties?...more
 @lauriemann57  I tried boiling and roasting beets before but neither appealed. Using the slow ...more