Day #1 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin!

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Calling the police in Berlin, Germany

Sending out an SOS…I used to watch TV programmes about terrible neighbours in horror. Then all of a sudden we found ourselves in Berlin with a terrible neighbour of our own....more

Maestro Daniel Barenboim in Berlin

It was as meaningful, emotional and surreal as it could have been, to see the man in motion, the maestro I met by chance over a decade ago. Back when Berlin was but a city of cranes and Potsdamer Platz was under way....more

We so don't want to leave; Berlin's a happy place for me, c n g...

The first time I went to Berlin, over a decade ago it was a city of cranes. Now, its a luxurious mixture of past and present, a model of the modern urban city; tolerant, green and thriving.Met some locals for lunch, old friends from the States and caught Rick Falkvinge before he flew outta Berlin, victorious after the Pirate Party electoral success...gearing up for Switzerland, a country known for taking democracy more seriously than most. ...more

Is It Learning German or German Learning?

Today I stepped into a classroom for the first time in 2 1/2 or so years. Well, it was a little less like a classroom and more like a building site. It fact, it was a building site. No kidding! I turned up to my new German class this morning and it turned out that where the classes are being held (in Schöneberg)isn't quite finished yet so we walked down a corridor filled with doors leaning against walls, no flooring, cables sticking out of walls and a handful of builders hanging from various objects. Not quite what I was expecting....more

The Working Mum

 Milo riding the hoover like a car! ...more

Pet Peeves

Anyone who's read enough of my blog will know without a doubt that I love this dear city that I have called home since late 2007. And with Spring in the air, like last year, I am filled with a building excitement at the promise of many a beautiful day ahead, cycling through the streets, sitting along the river banks, glass of wine in hand and all the other treats that come hand-in-hand with Spring/Summer Berlin style....more

BlogHer Voice of the Week: Layne of Taxi Gourmet

Shows like Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations have given rise to gastrotourism and a strongly held belief that you haven't fully experienced a place until you've eaten with the locals. But what if you want to experience good local cuisine and 1) don't know any locals, and 2) don't have the cash or appetite to experiment? ...more

To get info from cab drivers. It would interesting to learn which city's drivers offer the best ...more

Knut's Keeper Dies

Thomas Dörflein died this week leaving behind one very confused bear. Dörflein, a keeper with the Berlin Zoo, was known to the world as the surrogate father of Knut, a polar bear rejected by his mother, Tosca, at birth. Born in December 2006, Dörflein actually moved into the animal's enclosure to provide round-the-clock care. ...more

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