Make Some Blackberry Kiwi Tartlets to Celebrate Spring, Vegan Style

To celebrate spring, I worked up this recipe for a vegan fruit tartlet. You can use just about any fruit to fill it, although berries are the easiest, since you don't even have to cut them. California berries are on sale right now, but this will really sing when I can stuff the little crusts with just-picked little juice bombs....more
These look delicious!  I was looking for a filling that involve yogurt or lemon curd.  I may ...more

"Berry"licious Recipe Ideas

Time for some "Berry"licious Recipe Ideas! ...more

Patriotic berries parfait - baby friendly

Mixed berries parfait with a delicate ricotta and yogurt cream. A fun patriotic dessert, perfect for 4th of July and Memorial Day celebrations! Fresh, light and super easy. The final result is incredibly beautiful, it will surprise your kids and your guests. Considering the ingredients this recipe could be enjoyed by your baby too (starting from 10 months)!!!...more

Berry British Spring Dessert

 As the sunshine comes through the windows I am beginning to feel the warm and fuzzy feeling that the end of winter brings to me each year.I know that it will not last too long, after all this is the UK and the weather men and women would not have it other way, but I will not be defeated in enjoying it somehow.Here is the how:...more
@Karen Ballum  Her website is full of ideas!more

Detox Berry Smoothie

Another week, another smoothie recipe! Most nutritionists recommend eating berries and dark leafy greens daily, and this is an easy way to get both. Also, I love the extra texture that the rasberries add to the smoothie. Enjoy!Originally posted here: