My very first Banana Bread!

I was thinking about something new to bake today with my kiddo :-) I heard about Banana Bread, but never did. (I am Hungarian, we have a similar bread with fruit, but a little bit different.) Just typed in google and clicked on the first hit. I guess I found the perfect recipe from the thousands... :-)Ingredients...more

Easy Banana Bread Recipe!

banana bread

I love banana bread.  All six of us love banana bread.  I made five mini loaves at Surfer Boy's house last weekend along with four dozen chocolate chip cookies.  SB wrapped presents, and I baked. It was quiet.  It was just us....more

The Best Banana Bread You'll Ever Make

 love baking. Which you can probably tell by all of my Instagram/Twitter/Facebookphotos and all of my recent recipe posts. But one thing that I really love baking is sweet breads. They’re tasty and satisfy a little sweet tooth – and way simpler to make than a batch of cookies....more