Me And Dr. Dre

My blog has totally been sucking lately. In fact, if it were an item on McDonald's dollar menu it would be Bloggy McSuck Suck.I don't know if it's the weather (winter … blah) or what. I could spend some time expanding on the fifty-two reasons why the ol' blog has been awful, but I'd rather just move on from Blahsville to Excitementtown.Who knew one trip to Best Buy with my beloved could be the catalyst for this transition? Well, it was the one-two punch of Best Buy and Dr. Dre....more

Husband's Day aka Father's Day

My Husband's Day aka Father's Day is right around the corner. And usually, he always expects some electronic gaming system or gadget, well I'm on a budget this year.And when I was thinking about gifts, I figured other wives are on a tight budget as well. So I did soem digging on deals and found out some promotions that anyone can take advantage of in time for Father's Day:...more

How to Select the Right Online Marketing Conference for Your Business

One of my all time favorite movies is Rodney Dangerfield’s, Back to School, about a father who returns to attend college along side his son. While the parallels are not even, the dawning of the Internet Age has left us wide-eyed and scrambling to attend an online marketing event and monetize our knowledge. ...more

So Not a Best Buy

Those of you who know my husband might say that he has a slight addiction to technology. I use the term, slight, very loosely because in all honesty, my husband has a severe addiction to technology. I knew about this quirk long before our married days...But I didn't really understand the severity of it until he purchased "The HDTV." Oh yes, I will be elaborating... ...more

The big business of selling to women: what has it done for us lately?

In light of Dell’s recent “Della” disaster, I’ve been thinking anew of the big, big business of marketing to women. We’re so inundated with product pitches, especially as bloggers, sometimes it’s helpful to take a step back and think, “What has all this done for me lately”? ...more

It seems only logical to me that any business wanting to expand it's market share would look ...more

Stephanie Fierman On DVDs And Diapers (or, Why Do Businesses Not Understand Women, Part 2)

In August, I wrote a post titled “Stephanie Fierman On Beer And Blahniks.” (or, Why Do Businesses Not Understand Women, Part 1).  The upshot of the post is that Guinness planned to launch a beer “for women” that was essentially a watered-down version of their existing product.   The head of marketing at Guinness said that he wanted women to love this new watery be ...more

...There's more to the Best Buy layout that ridiculous shopping carts. I, for one, think the ...more

Geek Alert: You Can Get Your iPhone at Best Buy Soon

Cool stuff alert for geeky moms who want the new iPhone 3G. If you're like me, then shopping with kids in tow means you want an super easy shopping experience. No hassles. No long waits. Waiting in line only to discover what you wanted to buy has already sold out will push you over the edge. ...more

The ROWE Concept: " It's Like TiVo For Your Work"

Best Buy is headquartered in my hometown, Minneapolis. Over the years I have known many people who have worked there. It had the reputation of having a toxic work environment. Being a customer in one of their stores wasn't much better --- the customer service was abominable. Over the past couple of years I have noticed a huge change when I go into a store. The customer service is great. ...more

I have to share a cute story. My friends husband is an IT type of guy. He is a telecommuter. ...more

When a business issues an apology, does it really matter to you?

When a business messes up we expect an apology. Sometimes we demand one. Then we choose whether to accept or reject it. Often we grade the business apology. Was it sincere? Was it sincere enough?  Why do we care so much whether a business apologizes to us?  Does it really change things? ...more

i have read your business internal issues more