Award for Best Picture? These are my 5 nominations.

Awards season brings a lot of people together to watch the glitz and the glamour of Hollywood.  People talk at work, on social media and at parties about what picture they think should win best picture.There are one or two really great movies nominated for best picture this year and I'm definitely going to try and watch them.   I love a good movie that gives you an escape, but I also love movies that make think, teach me something, and hopefully inspire me to make changes in my life....more

Oscar Watch: What's Up With All The Violence?

I love movies and I’m always thrilled when I read about a film made for adults.  It’s a sad fact of life that the big-budget productions, issued in the summer, all feature superheroes with super powers or Will Smith saving the universe –films intended to appeal to teenaged boys, unless they’re made to appeal to pre-teen girls with dreamy, pale-skinned vampires and pumped up wolfmen. ...more
We are a culture of violence. You can't escape it. It's on TV, video games and movies. More and ...more

Oscar Night in Celebrity Tweets: The Award Goes To...

Nostalgia, Grecian dresses, and the French reigned over last night's 84th Annual Academy Awards at the Hollywood and Highland Center -- in case you missed Billy Crystal's crack, Kodak could no longer afford to keep their name on the famous, seriously -- but despite nipple slips, black...more
I agree that the twitter stream made the night. It also told me that I was never engrossed in ...more

I Survived the Oscars Best Picture Marathon and All I Got Was This Crappy Cold.

For the second year in a row, I attended the Best Picture Marathon that’s held the day before the Oscars, where you watch all the Best Picture nominees in a movie theater with other “movie lovers.”  (Or misfit toys, your pick).   Last year it was ten movies, this year it was nine.  Here’s my experience:...more

Which Movie Will Win Best Picture at the Academy Awards?

If you're a movie lover, it's the most wonderful time of the year. The Golden Globes aired a few weeks ago, kicking off the red carpet season. And this week, the nominations for the Academy Awards were released at the crack of dawn on Tuesday morning. It's probably the one day out of the entire year that all of Hollywood wakes up well before noon....more
Hello there, Jane! VERY interesting list of prospects...have to research this before having an ...more

Oscars Reward Status Quo, Not Art

Being the movie geek that I am, the day that the Oscar nominations come out is always a fun day for me. I love to obsess over the commentaries and argue on behalf of my favorites, and I compulsively add any nominees I haven't seen yet into my queue.And Oscar Night! Glamorous, elegant, thrilling. I love everything from the awkward red carpet interviews to the gorgeous dresses to the stilted host performances to the thank you speeches to the day-after rehash....more
Well I loved The King's Speech. I do like historical novels and films, and I have a crush on the ...more

A Review of Oscar Nominee "Winter's Bone"

Living in the backwoods of the Ozarks is no picnic in the best of circumstances -- but even worse when your Daddy’s skipped out on his bail and your house and land are at stake. That’s the pickle 17-year-old Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence) finds herself in. Daddy Jessup skipped out on a “crank cooking” charge and now Ree, her young brother, young sister and incapacitated mother are close to being thrown off their land and into the woods. ...more

I totally agree that Jennifer Lawrence made an impact with this film and served notice that she ...more

And the Winners Are

Here were my original predictions. I want to thank the Academy … ...more

Heath Ledger died long enough ago that he was actually featured in LAST YEARS Oscar's ...more

Cecelia Ford: Oscar and Me

A Subdued Oscar Weekend

Saturday--I’m trying to work up some excitement about the event, but I’m guessing this year will be remembered as one of the most subdued Oscar seasons in recent memory. The format of this year’s 80th annual awards ceremony was so iffy that some of the presenters weren’t even invited to participate until the strike was resolved. Fortunately the dour mood didn’t stop Elton John. The sold-out Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar viewing party will be held in West Hollywood. ...more