Best Picture Dinners: Hugo

The final movie we'll examine in the Best Picture Dinners series is Hugo, Martin Scorcese's homage to the early days of the cinema and the complicated act of unpuzzling relationships between parents and children. It is a stunningly gorgeous film, particularly when viewed in 3D, bringing alive Paris' central train station in the early 1930s. ...more
 @sdgratto I can't remember what you and your colleague had, but I'm sure it was delicious!more

Best Picture Dinners: The Artist

I hadn't heard much about The Artist before the awards season got underway—a couple of friends mentioned it in passing after attending a screening, and they remarked that it was not only worth seeing, but that they were amazed at how captivated they were by an essentially silent movie. The movie captivated me, too, with its expressive elements and its examination of a time when the movie industry was engaged in radical change. It's a sweet and touching story with a heartwarming finale, but goes back to another age of storytelling to reach today's audiences. It's the next feature in our Best Picture Dinners series....more
@Molly Jo I was surprised how much I enjoyed it! I hope you get a chance to see it -- it's quite ...more

Best Picture Dinners: War Horse

The next movie in the Best Picture Dinners series is War Horse, which follows the relationship between young Albert and his horse during World War I. It features a glimpse into England's working rural poor around that time in history, and also that examines a time when war was on the cusp of changing, with both new and more traditional ways of fighting intersecting in a brutal fashion....more

Best Picture Dinners: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is not a movie that lends itself to thoughts of a meal. It is a film infused with the images and emotional reminders of what was, for so many, and for the boy at the heart of the film, The Worst Day. But here's the thing of it: when there's emotional upheaval, food can provide comfort. And that's how I decided to design this meal: comfort, inspired mostly by the film, but also by the lives lost that day....more

Best Picture Dinners: Midnight in Paris

Over the past ten years, I've felt very mixed about Woody Allen's films. When he's on, these days, he's really on—his movies are funny and human and delightful. But when he's off, his films feel self-indulgent and flat. Luckily for moviegoers in this Oscar cycle, with Midnight in Paris, Allen was totally on, creating a lovely, frothy fantasy where love and struggling writers win in the end. It deserves a Parisian feast in celebration....more
This is a fabulous idea! I would've never thought, in a million years, to pair movies with food. ...more

Best Picture Dinners: The Tree of Life

I'm going to admit it right up front: Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life is not my favorite, by far, of the nine Oscar Best Picture nominees. It's a complicated, often allegorical film, at times beautiful and poetic, at times, to my eyes, utterly weird. The movie examines the inner life of a family in Waco, Texas, and the bonds between them, whether those bonds are spiritual, tenuous, tender, or all three at the same time....more

Best Picture Dinners: The Help

We're moving to the Deep South in today's edition of our Best Picture Dinners series. Next on my list is The Help, an inspiring movie about the power of storytelling used against oppression....more
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Best Picture Dinners: Moneyball

Today, our Best Picture Dinners progressive party moves close to my home: Oakland, where much of Moneyball, which stars Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, and Philip Seymour Hoffman, was filmed. The movie focuses on the Oakland A's 2002 season, when manager Billy Beane took the team on an incredible run using a then-unorthodox management style....more
@BlogHer Have you seen this? Not Moneyball recipes but plenty of others.

Best Picture Dinners: The Descendants

The Oscar Best Picture nominees were announced Tuesday, and since I am as much a fan of films as I am of food, I'm planning to have seen all ten of the nominated movies before the envelopes are opened on Oscar Night. But this year, just watching them is not enough. Here on BlogHer Food, I'll be assembling ten menus for three-course dinners (plus a cocktail, of course) inspired by the honorees. Today is the first of the ten, and I hope you'll join me on this journey through Hollywood's shining stars, course by course....more
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