Keep Three Fires Burning

I recently heard @markhlevin speak about keeping the fires burning - from Leviticus 6:6: a perpetual fire shall be kept burning on the altar, not to go out. Rabbi Levin spoke about it symbolically regarding the “fire” in a marriage. The fire must always be kept burning and the other two are the “just in case” fires. ...more

On Living Transparently Online

Oh, the little white lies. We all do it occasionally – to preserve someone’s feelings, to get out of undesirable plans, to appear as just a slightly better version of ourselves than we are (job interview, anyone)? But the era of stretching the truth is over. At least, the era of getting away with it is. ...more
@Jennifer Knickerbocker Yes, that's a great way of putting it! People don't need to know ...more

Terms of Use: Open Source Code Versus Recipes

Unauthorized duplication, while sometimes necessary, is never as good as the real thing. – Statement found under the copyright notice of many Ani DiFranco albums.Are recipes like songs? Maybe not. What are they like? ...more

How to Tell Women They're Being Paid Unfairly

One of the first things Ed Macias did when he became provost at Washington University in St. Louis in 2009 was commission an analysis of gender-pay equity. Macias, a 39-year employee, is not a showy type, but he realized that when he announced that he was looking into pay inequity, he was simultaneously announcing that he was going to publicly release the results. Executives, legal officers and human resources staff can learn from how Macias navigated this land-mined terrain. ...more

Really great article, every woman should read it just to be ahead of the boss.more

Positive Ways Brands and Bloggers Can Work Together

The key to success in social media engagement is to forge strong relationships, deliver relevant content and most importantly, respect the writer and her readers. As a starting point for developing long term sustainable relationships between brands and social media influencers, here are some best practices for your consideration. ...more

Susan Rawlings
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Engaging your supporters

 Engaging with your supporters June 10, 2010 by jennasauber | Edit...more

The New FTC Guidelines and What They Mean to You

If you're blogging professionally or even semi-seriously you've likely heard about the new FTC guidelines regarding bloggers and how we disclose any relationships with companies who have paid us to endorse or review products. As is usually the case when something changes, rumors and misinformation are swirling. This article seeks to give you a basic understanding of what's changing with the FTC regulations and how it may affect you as a blogger. I'll try to lay to rest the inaccurate rumors you may have heard. ...more
@heidicohen @loismarketing TY ~ Just what I need. Twitter is blogging. #Blogchat Heidi to the ...more

Six Thoughts On BlogHer Food 2009

You would have read, or heard, by now, about the major tidbits from BlogHer’s very first food blogging conference in San Francisco at the end of September....more

Best Practices in Blogging: How to Maintain a Good Blog

Hello from BlogHer Food '09 in San Francisco, where today I will moderate a session about best practices in blogging, especially food blogging but with general application for blogs on other topics (What? People blog about more than food? How cute is that?) Our topic is in the Vocation Track, "How Blogging Best Practices Apply, No Matter Your Blogging Niche". We've got a panel of diverse speakers, each a successful blogger in her own right, each representing a particular niche or community within the larger food blog world. Let me introduce them! ...more

Alanna Kellogg Kitchen Parade & more