Home Phone, Cell Phone. How We Saved Money on Both

We attacked the home phone issue long before we became frugal. We just could not stand paying $50 plus for a home phone that we rarely used since most of our family members had a cell phone.  The home phone was needed for those who did not and to keep the minutes low on our cell phones. We didn’t want to get rid of the home phone because at that time we had at least one person in the family who didn’t have a cell.  Besides how would I find my lost cell without the home phone?  We definitely wanted to cut that bill down though. ...more

10 Easy Ways to Feel Festive

Having trouble getting into the holiday spirit?  Christmas can be very stressful, especially if you are shopping for presents on a budget, juggling work, an active family and festive social commitments.  Savvy Money Gal has the perfect solution for the “Bah Humbug Blues”. We believe the holiday season is a time for giving thanks to what really matter in our lives....more

A Different Way To Get Out of Debt

I was a 20 year old student with zero income when I got my first credit card. I signed up for it on my college campus. ...more
97% of people don't have what they really want in their lives because they aren't willing to do ...more

Winter's not Always so Bad

In life we all have season's and right now, I'm in winter.  Things are a lot slower and not as green and sunny.  Some days I just want to hibernate.  What I have found though, is that some of my best cooking ideas and tastiest dishes have been during this time.  I've had to ...more

Seed Starting 101- How to save money and start your own!

As we move through spring (way quicker that I'd like to be moving!), have your thoughts turned to gardening? Since I've gotten more and more interested in planting and growing my own food, it seems that gardening is never to far from my mind, even in the dead of winter!  ---I'm on the road to find out--happy home http://happyhomeypsi.blogspot.com...more