Proverbs 3 The Benefits of God's Wisdom

Seeking God's wisdom is not always our natural inclination yet it is the best course of action.We benefit far beyond what we may ever realize when we seek and choose His divine wisdom instead of relying on what we think or feel. Where can you find the wisdom of God? It is written in the Bible.Proverbs 3 below talks about the benefits of wisdom or as Bible Gateway titles it "Wisdom Bestows Well-Being"...more
Thank you!  I love Wisdom literature.   I had written several dialogues about threads and ...more

Soldier Deck of Cards Video -Magical Ending

I post this beautiful video to honor our soldiers and veterans. Thank you for your service.What does a soldier, a deck of cards and prayer have in common? Find out. You can also view this post on Salt & LIght.The story is supposed to date from the late 1700's in which a soldier uses a deck of cards as a tool for prayer and quiet reflection. There are many "versions" of this tale but the idea remains the same....more

Hang In There!

www.tomekabyars.orgThis morning has been interesting.  During my own season of seeking clarity and guidance on what the lord requires of me to do next, a young lady came to me in order to seek the same attributes that I needed as well. Providing servant hood to others that are experiencing a difficult season is just what Dr. God has ordered. It not only brings forth healing in our own circumstances, but it brings forth confirmation that no matter what we are dealing with God is still present in our circumstances....more

Walking in Wisdom: 10 Ways To Know For Sure

"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established." That profound statement comes from Proverbs 24:3 (NIV). This is scripture we should all keep in our memory banks as we are trying to build our lives and personal relationships every day.  My goal in life is to grow in wisdom. To seek it out every single day so that I may walk in it, speak it, and recognize it when it comes in my direction just as Proverbs 31 tells me to. This is what I want for your life too......more

A Review of A Good and Perfect Gift (+ Giveaway)

This is why I like Amy Julia Becker: she takes a complimentary comment ("What a perfect family") - holds it up to a biblical lens "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect", reflects on it then whips out her Greek dictionary (she has a Greek dictionary!!! who has a Greek dictionary?!!) and discovers the root of the word, perfect: telos. Translated, it can be as she discovers, "perfect" or it can be "wholeness, completion, the end for which you are created." ...more

Summer Book Preview: Colleen Coble The Lightkeeper's Ball

Summer Books Preview ...more

Lessons From Olives Part 1

Do I get proper nourishment? I'm talking spiritual nourishment here.Where do you get this wholesom,e encouraging,  soul-nourishing manna?Come over and visit me on my blog...'ve been studying olives! "You have made known to me the paths of life; you will make me full of joy with your presence." Acts 2:28...more

This Isn't Your Grandma's Christian Blog

Last month the blogger behind "Stuff Christians Like" asked his readers to share what they thought were the best Christian blogs. Some of the responses were the names of (relatively, in the Christian blogging community) high-profile blogs, some were of much smaller blogs, and several were flat-out self-promotions. It probably won’t surprise you, but not one of them was my blog. ...more
Writing is a talent that God has given to all of us. Everyone can write and make a blog but only ...more