#31 on Kindle/Fiction/Literary Fiction! 'Unburying Hope'

My Debut Novel ‘Unburying Hope’ tells the story of a returning Iraq War vet romancing a young woman who is in love with the resilience of Detroit, through their move together to the warmth of Maui.It's about a beloved city, Detroit, that has fallen into 'ruin porn', a young Iraq War vet carrying the wound of war on his skull, a young woman who wants to take chances in her life and how broken systems impact their options. ...more

I Did It!!

Back at the beginning of the year, I told you about a goal I had made that I was keeping to myself for the time being.  Now that it has been accomplished, I am so excited to share it with you.I assembled some of my blog posts on social media in to an e-book.  I uploaded it to Amazon and held a free event this weekend.  During the free event, I made the bestseller list for Interpersonal Relationship books!!!!...more
 @Karen Ballum Thanks, Karen!!  I'm still over the moon!more

DC Shares Black History in Texas

Essence Magazine Bestselling Author Keynotes Texas Library Black History Month Celebration ...more

So, you want to publish a book, really?

I'm deliberately challenging myself and everything I work for when I attempt to give advice about actually publishing a book. The thought of addressing this subject is so powerful that as I began to type, I broke into a fit of sneezing. Is it about truth? Or am I just allergic to the dust on my desk? Probably a little of both.  Okay, so publishing a book is on your horizon. Good for you. Really. It's a noble ambition and as long as someone has the urge, perhaps publishing will survive. ...more