Help Us - Help You: How to Work with a Recruiter

Recently, there have been several articles on the recruiting industry asking: "What makes a good recruiter?", "What differentiates one recruiting firm from another?", "Do Recruiters all say the same things?" and, my favorite article posted two weeks ago, "A Recruiter’s Jerry Maguire Moment". ...more
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Scaling the Castle Walls

Human Resource personnel provide a great value to their companies and to staffing firms.  I believe that they help restore order and maintain balance to the very difficult process of hiring.  In today’s marketplace, there are countless pitfalls and processes that must be micromanaged as the hiring process is fraught with issues that arise.  I remind my staff quite often that we are in the "people" business, selling a process that must be managed securely from beginning to end.  Our Vice President of Human Resources and Administration is invaluable to our firm as she hand...more