What D'Angelo's Comeback Says to Me About Living My Best Life

I am a big fan of singer D'Angelo. I have been, since he emerged with his first album, Brown Sugar, in the mid-90s. His smooth, instrumentation, soulful vocals, and lyrics of love and life that seem simple until you sit down and think about the emotions that drive them and how they play out in your life... I fell in love with the whole musical package. ...more
 @Linda Anselmi Linda, I'm terribly late, but thank you so much for this ribbon! I am working on ...more

Prince, Chris Brown, Queen Latifah and El DeBarge: Bloggers on the Highs and Lows of the 2010 BET Awards

Overshadowing the BET coverage is the fact that Chris Brown cried during the Michael Jackson tribute when he tried to sing "Man in the Mirror," but bloggers are talking about the winners and performances at the award show, including Prince's lifetime achievement award. ...more

I love how he's half-smiling and nodding through the performances.

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