Beth Aldrich's Real Moms' Strategy: Love Food & Lose Weight!

Is it possible to eat the food you like while still making healthy choices? Beth Aldrich of Real Moms Love To Eat believes it’s not only possible, but can become a way of life! Her new book on the subject, officially released today, presents her upbeat and sane approach to recalibrating your food intake, even if you’re juggling a busy, on-the-go life....more
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Wat-er You Weighting For? Drink Up-Trim Down!

What’s an easy (and free) way to create more space in your belly for the most obsession-worthy foods on the planet? Skip the soda and give water another shot at winning your affection.When you add more water to your daily intake, you will naturally shed those unwanted me, I tried it and it works!...more

Perfecting the School Lunch

With back to school at hand, moms everywhere are once again plotting the perfect, easy, nutritious lunch-packing plan. Does such a thing exist? Maybe not. But we sure can try for it!My three strapping…and, shall we say, particular boys have kept me on my toes for the last dozen years, so here are a few tried and true tips from my crazy household to yours:...more

Food and Mood

What I love most about food is how much it does for you if you just give it a good fighting chance. A little care in planning your meals scores you major points in terms of looks, moods, heart health, and of course, taste. But what about that other kind of nourishment? I think that any real homage to food should include a nod to the core reason we eat it—to give our souls a chance to live this fabulous life....more

5 Reasons This Diet Is Not a 4-Letter Word

The word “diet” often inspires a chorus of whining, at least amongst my friends. But there are some approaches to eating that really do do a body good....more