My Partner Cheated on Me Last Christmas and I Wrote a Book About Betrayal

My Partner Cheated on Me Last Christmas and I wrote a book, The Soul's Missing Manual ...more


“A woman is at her most beautiful when she knows she’s loved.”  It’s simply true.  She will wilt like a flower without water when she believes she’s not loved.  Not wanted.  Not delighted in.- Stasi Eldrege...more
Adamma...I am so sorry you didn't have those memories either. I take great comfort that God was ...more

Feeling Defeated? Remember Who You Are

 Tell yourself a life story in which you, the hero, are primarily a problem solver rather than a helpless victim. – Martha Beck I had been betrayed by a colleague.  I told him in confidence that I was looking for another job.  He turned around and told my boss.  ...more

Short Story - Playing Jenga for Love

Her gaze stopped the quiver in her fingers. Her hands moved stealth-like, forming a tower of wooden blocks. Tooth-less and teeth-filled smiles of her children gawked at us from the surrounding walls of her cramped room. We were nursing home neighbors....more

Bitter Me, Not

When you’re say, eighty, and looking back to your life, how would you see it?Hers is a story of betrayal. Worse, it’s exceptionally ironicwhen all she’s trying to do for more than eight decades of her life is to conform. ...more
I think that bitterness isn't something that pounces on us suddenly when we're older - I think ...more

Love Turns

Love is looking over at a beautiful seen with that person you consider your best friend, confident and partner in life. Together you enjoy the beautiful scenery that life has given. One day the person next to you stops holding your hand. Another day they step away from your side. You hope they come back but by the time you decide to turn back for them you are pushed off the cliff you both were standing on together. Luckily you you grab onto the ledge holding on to love for dear life. You reach out your hand to your love with him looking at you for help....more

My Friend Lorriane is Dead

Actuality she died many years ago of cancer.  But I remember her at this moment because I was reading the Daily Posts' 365 Days of Writing Prompts.  I noticed one of the prompts was about sports which started me thinking of the most fond memory I have of my friend, Lorraine....more

Snooping Through Your Partner's Email Should Be A Crime

“He was acting so weird, and he wouldn’t tell me what was going on. I kept asking him if something happened at work or something, and he’d say no and go back to Breaking Bad. I just knew he was off.”“Maybe he was just tired?” (Or it could be that Breaking Bad is just a fucking great show)“Maybe. But I checked email on his phone after he fell asleep and…”No. Stop. You’re Doing It Wrong....more
This should NEVER be a crime!  A person should go to jail for something so interpersonal, or ...more


I got up. I found more unbelievable things.  Things I never imagined could be happening. From a person that I loved….for 15 years. From a person I trusted….for 15 years. From a person I wanted children with….forever.I got the kids ready for school.  Laughed, smiled, kissed them.Then?  I got them to school.  Then?I bawled for 30 minutes.Every.  Single.  Day.  A new betrayal.  A new thing that just hits me in the face.  And?  I’m not sure it will ever end....more
melaflin survivelivethrive omg i have been there--SOOO been there. ugh. !!!! it helps to keep ...more

That Dirty Little Traitor!

Darcy Perdu of www.sothenstories.comSo then…she gently adjusts my bib and slowly reclines the plush leather chair, so I can more easily see the ceiling-mounted TV. Tina, the new hygienist, hands me the remote and recommends a few shows to watch while she cleans my teeth....more