Living Your Authentic Life Series: Part 2 – Reinventing Yourself

Hello, so much here resonates with me.  I just quit my job to start over- even though I loved my ...more

Six Tips on What NOT to Write on

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Survival Story: Visiting Adult Kids

It was touch and go for a bit, there was no telling, once we started our six-hour journey to upstate NY, that it would be successful.  The expectations seemed realistic – my two boys and I were going to have family time and since my younger boy was deep in work, we would visit him in “his space.” It would be our own version of visiting day. I certainly didn’t think I had oversold the adventure to my eldest son, but I was beginning to think that perhaps I had oversold it to myself....more

Death with Dignity?

Peter Goodwin was the doctor who successfully lobbied for Oregon’s Right to Die Law. In a week that has been filled with the bad news of death and sickness for me, I paid particular attention to an article about him in the March 26, 2012 issue of Time Magazine. The week began with the 18th anniversary of my father’s suicide. In the shadow of my father’s traumatic death, the Time article injected the issue of choice and free will in choosing to die rather than suffer....more

The Hats of Life

I love hats – I’ve been told I look good in them – not baseball caps – real hats – the ones with brims. Because I love costumes and as my favorite holiday is Halloween, it’s no surprise that I have quite the collection.Often I have to cycle through my assortment to find the one that feels right. Sometimes, it takes a while to find the right look and feel. Especially when it comes to my Professional Hats....more
Would love to see a pic of you in your fav hat. I've always loved them too but just don't look ...more

Yoga and Sex

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You almost have me talked into yoga. My speed and heavy bags need a rest. No yoga classes in my ...more

Where We Should Retire

Five good friends at dinner and the topic turned to my friend Molly’s mom.  Although “Mom” was the trigger,  the topic was us.  Molly had just relocated her mom to a senior living center and was saddened that mom didn’t have any friends there. Mom is fine, actually quite happy and relieved to be in a supportive community with activities and meal plans. But Molly – not so much. Actually she was churning. ...more
After 55, retirement villages are the best places to retiremore