10 Biggest Boosts for Your Love Relationship

Whether you're just back from a love-filled honeymoon and you're going through the post-party blues, or if your love relationship is buried under too many years of  drudgery and responsibility (kids, family, business), well, here is some help:We have to constantly feed and nurture our marriage. It should be a labor of love and not a duty:...more

365 Reflections - Reflection 5

I I love to write. But I have not always done it. The evolution of my writing coincided with the advent of email and, oddly, internet dating....more

Dancing or Recliners...Weighing The Options

“Ann goes back into the family room to see Cal and Mary dancing! They have moved the coffee table to one side of the room, and they are dancing to an old 50s record as if they have been doing this everyday of their lives for the past 40 years. The boys are watching them with such fascination, like they are seeing fireworks for the very first time. This might be even better! When Ann looks over at Ron, her husband, she sees he is pretty fascinated too, but more fearful he is going to be asked to do the same....more

Should Kids Use Formal or First Names With Adults?

Dear Debra,...more

Can You Hear Me NOW...

 Therefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger:  ...more

You Teach People How To Treat You

 Something I always say is, “You teach people how to treat you.” Time and time again this statement proves true… time and time again I remind people of this statement in all sorts of situations. From children to adults… it applies to anyone, everyone, regardless of their age or relationship status.The people in our lives are treating us the exact way that we have allowed them too… the exact way we have taught them too. We teach them through our actions and our inactions. Our tolerance of behaviors through silence speaks volumes to how much self worth we possess....more

Too Many Missed Opportunities? Power Off Your Smart Phone!

The courtroom is hot. The lawyer drones on and on. The jurors are bored. The judge is bored. His Honor’s gaze strays over to the jurors. One juror seems relatively awake. That’s because said juror is texting one-handed, surreptitiously, down by his knee. But his interested expression gives him away. The judge booms: “Bailiff!” The bailiff strides over to the embarrassed juror, who now of course can’t find the %^& off button, and confiscates the phone. The two minutes of excitement having passed, the lawyer resumes the drone, boredom sets in once again....more

The limits of unlimited communication

I've been studying Arabic for almost two years now and have in that time rediscovered my love for pencils. The Arabic alphabet comprises a series of elegantly curved letters that are most attractively transmitted onto a sheet of paper when I use a freshly sharpened pencil....more

"Can We Talk?"

Did you know that research shows, on average, when couples have their first child they lose about two-thirds of the alone time that they had before? The third that’s left, well, a lot of it is spent talking about the child. So, if you do the math, there’s not a lot of time devoted to your relationship. But, Rhona Berens, PhD, CPCC, Parent Advocate & mom is giving parents the tools to model a healthy and happy relationship....more