A Month of Little Steps Adds Up to a Big Change

The point of this month-long project, of course, was to give a nod to how difficult it can be to make a change. It's easy to make resolutions -- we can all come up with things we'd love to do differently -- but most resolutions are unkeepable in their current, enormous form. Which is why it's frustrating when people give the unhelpful advice of "it's easy! Just do it." Obviously, if people could "just do it," health issues wouldn't exist. ...more

for this fabulous series. I've been following along and making mental notes. Great idea and ...more

Right Fitness Program

Just the thought of choosing the right fitness program can be overwhelming. There is so much information available, but how do you make the decision to take action and step into beginning a fitness program? This is something the majority of individuals struggle with.  Take a few minutes and answer the following questions, honestly:•    How do I rate my fitness on a scale of 1 to 10?•    What are my fitness goals?•    What physical activities am I likely to enjoy the most?...more

Managing the Fear of Failure and Making the Commitment to Better Health

Making the commitment to improve my health was the first of many battles I faced. I finally made the commitment on January 8, 2007 and began what has been one of the most important journeys I have been on in my whole life. It is the most important because it is one I will continue to be on for the remainder of my life and it is the one which has already changed my life more than any other experience I have had to date. ...more

Small Changes Equal Better Health

We're a little more than six weeks into the new year, and many people have already forgotten or dropped their resolutions.  It is a common thing.  We reach hard and fast, like the pace of the world we live in.  Extra time, energy, and money are in short supply for almost everybody.  But what if someone said you could keep some of those resolutions or make new ones that would improve your health with only one minute a day required of you?  Would you believe it? ...more