Your U-Spot and You

By now, you’ve probably heard all about the G-Spot and A-Spot, both of which are highly sensitive areas located inside of the vaginal canal. But what about the lesser known, yet equally important, U-Spot?...more

71% of Women & I'm Not One

Someone once gave me a complex about orgasms. They told me I am hard to get off....more
I'm obviously not a woman, but I have learned a lot from women who were "hard to make cum". They ...more

Exploring Tantric Foreplay

We've all heard about tantric sex at some time or another. Whether we've heard it from Sting or from the American Pie movies, tantric sex had always sounded to me like some hippie-esque kind of love-making. The first time I heard about tantric sex, I envisioned hippies in the woods, smoking who-knows-what, having sex under the full moon. Now don't get me a self-proclaimed hippie myself, all those things sound great. But I didn't really understand what the concept. Read More...more