Do This for Better Sex Tonight!

Amazing discovery that I re-made recently. My husband and I have a code. If I say, “What’s your favorite color tonight?” He knows I am asking him what lingerie he wants to see. Of course, I can pick my own, but it’s a fun way for me to get him involved in some mental foreplay....more

Vibrators: What’s the buzz?

As I sit here typing this article, I look down my hands and fingers and I note that we come packaged with our own tools for self-pleasure: our hands and fingers. Too often I’ve had women look at me with downcast eyes and say in hushed tones, “I just can’t touch myself there.” Whenever, I hear this sentiment, it makes me both sad and angry. Sad, that women are not enjoying the beauty and pleasure that they can achieve through self-touch and angry that our society somehow still perpetuates the myth that some places on our bodies are off limits or dirty....more

Lift Off! How to take your sex life from grounded to soaring - Part III

  Step 2 - Taking Care of THEM   Oh, how simple it would be if we could just start taking better care of ourselves and our relationships would magically transform. While pampering ourselves is necessary in order to shift from our routine headspace and into that sexy, sassy mentality so important to banging sex, we can’t forget that our partners need to be cherished too. So, let’s move from ME and onto THEM, bearing in mind that it’s all interconnected. Tune In...more

I especially love your mention in this post of physical touch—I agree that it holds so much ...more

Bring Joy Back to the Bedroom

Is boredom creeping in to your bedroom?  When sex becomes unfulfilling for one or both partners, it could negatively affect your relationship.  What can you do to improve your sex life?  Here are some tips to kick boredom out of the bedroom....more

MD needs a PhD in Orgasms

As a woman who would do pretty much anything for a good (or any) orgasm, I understand the lengths a woman may go to for a little pleasure. It shouldn’t be that way, but gosh, you know how men can be. Here’s a perfect example. I just got off the phone with my friend, Louise, seeking advice for a particularly tricky problem involving a new vibrator and her boyfriend, the doctor. ...more

Gee XXandra - I wish I could up with some great ways to help out, but I'm not sure.  ...more