13 Things Men Want Women To Know About Sex

In a recent story on College Candy (because I've never matured past my beer-funneling, waking-up-in-a-strange-dorm-bunk-with-Robert-Downey-Junior-during-the-druggie-years college era) the men of the Dude's List offer this wisdom gems to women everywhere.Here's what they say:1. Not Every Time Has To Be The Best Sex Ever! ...more

Sexual Complaints Which are Most Common?

There are many sexual issues that couples may face throughout the course of their relationship. Understanding these and how they work will be an integral part of any major experience. Couples will need to review how these most common sexual complaints will actually impact their lives. These issues can take some surprising forms, so they need to be prepared. Fortunately, there are resources that people have available to improve on these issues. Couples should not be afraid to discuss some of the major problems that they could be facing over time as well....more
Great points.  The most fulfilling relationships have good communication skills and high sexual ...more