On Father’s Day I Recognize and Celebrate My BFF

This month of June, 2013, we’ll celebrate another Father’s Day. So I would like to recognize my husband, a hardworking man of integrity, and my “Best Forever Friend.” He has also been a devoted father to our children. They would attest to this....more
@Elaine Griffin Thank you, dear Amiga! And thank you for the visit today. Happy Father's Day to ...more

I'm A Girl's Girl

Yesterday I wrote about my guy friend, and the importance of having guy friends.  But, more than that I think it is important to have girlfriends, and good girlfriends at that.  I have am privileged to have an amazing group of girlfriends.  In high school I was apart of a very close knit group of girls.  I even had a large group of girlfriends in middle school.  I never understood the girls who didn’t hang o...more

Hi To all the Foodies!

Hello BFF's (Best Foodie Friends), I wanted to introduce myself, I am very very new to the food blogging world and would love any tips you have to get me started.  It seems I spend all my time reading to learn and not blogging right now but I am meeting many new people that love food.  If you want to visit my site i can be found at Bestfoodies.com.  I hope to visit many of yours and have started through the list already.  Happy Blogging!...more