rock bottom - the newlywed game

The Newlywed GameI sat on the curb of Main Street, Disneyland my lips covered in cinnamon sugar from the churro I just inhaled. I looked over at Mr. Price who had the same crystal covered lips. He had a "Just Married" Disney button proudly pinned to his shirt and a huge smile spread across his face. We were waiting for a parade to start and these churros had become our nightly ritual while on our honeymoon. "Thanks for marrying me," he said as he clutched my hand and took another bite of his Disneyland delicacy....more

Living with Bi-Polar and the Jehovah's Witness Church.

James K Phillips took his own life just 4 days short of his 55th birthday leaving behind four confused adult children.  Jim had divorced yours truly ten years earlier because I wasn’t any fun.  That statement alone lends to his mental state.  Jim was Bi-Polar, rapid cycler and nonmedicated.  Too further add to the mix was the fact that he was an Elder in the Jehovah’s Witness Church.  I don’t know their current stand on mental health presently but at the time, their Governing Body did not hold with mental health issues.  ...more
Hello Susan, I grew up in the truth and fell away for over a decade, yet have never been ...more

It Just Keeps On Getting Not Better

Gozer’s mother,whom I am now calling TaintFace, has recently been diagnosed by a psychologist as having OCD/anxiety disorder. Personally, I think she keep the facts revealing she has bipolar disorder from the doctor, but whatever – it’s a start....more

Nobody told me about bi-polar....

When I found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, none of the books I ever read could prepare me for the next 18 years of her life. You see my daughter is bi-polar. I did all I was supposed to do while pregnant, I didnt smoke or drink or do drugs. I stayed away from red dye in foods and drank only milk and water. I had a drug free labor and delivery. I breastfed her for 9 months. I did what the books told me to do, I thought I had done everything right. Her childhood was filled with sleepless nights and power struggles....more
It's going to be okay, she has you, and you have acknowledged her bi polar, now you can help ...more

My Bi-Polar Life

I suffer from bi-polar disorder.  Something I finally admitted to the world (or at least all 50 of my followers) last week.  In a world where the vast majority of the population suffers from some sort of disorder, I was still ashamed to admit to anyone that anything was wrong.  I do see a phychiatrist, and am on medication and it helps, but it does not make all the symptoms go away completely.  Anyone not completely familiar with bi-polar disorder, it is more than just being happy one minute and sad the next.   ...more
I have just suffered a major ego trip mania delusion.  I am bi polar, if you ever need to talk. ...more