Standing naked, putting on armor...

This morning while sitting and reading my bible study (and enjoying the peace of the morning with my steaming mug of Heaven) I read something that spoke to my heart. You see I'm struggling right now....more

The Hope Within the Nativity: How Christmas Teaches Our Souls of their Worth

The first Christmas night, the most holy of nights. Classically captured by the nativity sets that fill the stores, and front of cards, and our homes. Have you ever looked at these sets with a critical eye?  For example, in our set, why is there one camel for three wise men?! Did they take turns?  Did they all pile on?  Which one had to sit in the space between humps? These are questions I ask....more

Considering Him Faithful: A Series on the Sarah of Genesis

Many mornings of late, God hears pretty simple prayers from me.Oh help me be faithful.Day after day, my heart's cry has been that simple. I have minimal prayers over vast dreams for the future, or great financial provisions, for now. Help me obey, Father.  Help me to be faithful.And I have heard Him whisper a bit of guidance:It starts with my  faithfulness, Rebekah....more

What's Eating You?

Every year for as long as I can remember I make some variation of the same New Year's Resolution.  THIS will be the year I lose some weight and get healthy.  Only to reach December the same (or heavier).  Making the same resolution again, and again, and again the next January 1st. This week I began a new online Bible study through Proverbs31 Ministries based on the Lysa TerKeurst book "Made To Crave"....more

Keep on Keeping On!

There has been much excitement for me lately!  I weighed in last night as Thursday is the day for my Weight Watchers meeting.  I have last another 5 pounds – making the total for my two weeks 12.2 pounds!  Oh yeah-I told you I am serious this time!  I already am starting to feel better.  I am less winded when I make the trek down to the break room at work for more water and I am able to stand for longer periods of time already. Life is good!  ...more

Deeper Still | Weekend Recap

Recently a friend and I had the privilege to attend a Deeper Still LifeWay sponsored womens conference.  I've had the opportunity to attend several and they have yet to let me down.  Each conference provides something new and fresh and honestly gives me exactly what I'm needing at the time.  It's such a nice weekend getaway. Here is a recap of what Deeper Still had to offer....more

December 2 = Proverbs 2

1.My son, if you will receive my wordsAnd treasure my commandments within you,...more

Dove's Precious Moments

In the morning is my time with the Lord. Precious Moments held in prayer, gratitude, stillness and a cup of coffee. I want to share some words that touched my heart from Life Application Study Bible.                                               Actions:  Deed; the process of doing. Ex. 21:1ff...more

Do You Feel Alone or Lost?

Have you ever lost anything? Do you remember as a child being lost in a store or in the woods? Do you remember how you felt? Well, I want to share a story with you from  the bible. Jesus told it to some strict know it all teachers at the time who didn't like that way Jesus would speak to so called "common" people.   There was a shepherd who took care of 100 sheep. However one evening he realize that he only had 99 sheep. Do you think he just said forget that one hard headed sheep? No he was concern and loved his animals....more

Pray 'Out Toppin'!

When our second child, son Zachary was two years old, I began teaching his age group in Sunday morning Bible classes.  I printed out several bible verses and taped them to the wall.  Each week we would concentrate on learning a particular verse by memory. I'll never forget Zachary's favorite verse.  It was 1 Thessalonians 5:17.  I used a children's version which read:  Pray without stopping....more