Write a Bike-Ku for Bike to Work on May 21

Once you read this haiku, you'll want to two-wheel it to your nearest ice cream shop: Strawberry ice cream Is hard to carry by bike But it makes good paint ...more

Just entered. Thanks for the heads up ...more

Cheap, easy, and green: Get on a bicycle

Cycling has well-known health, social, and environmental benefits too, but the transportation mode's money-saving qualities may trump them all in this economy! If you're tired of paying at the pump, get a bike for nearby errands and pay quite a bit less -- or maybe even get rid of a second car or go car-free altogether for maximum savings! Some ways to get started, eco-nomically: ...more


Haven't been on a bike in at least 5 years.  Would love to start, but my ...more

The Jesus Guy Stole My Bike

 I can’t get it out of my mind. Last night I was walking my dog in my neighborhood and I noticed that the hunky guy, who mows his lawn without a shirt, sold his house and was putting the last of his stuff on the curb. For esthetic reasons, he will be sadly missed....more

Electric bicycles: Greener transport for hot environmentalists

Many a cyclist will mock electric bikes. The point of bikes, they'll say, is human-powered transportation. What's the point of biking if you're moving via an electric assist? Why forego the natural exercise bicycling provides while sucking power from the electric grid? Other cyclists admit that sometimes, we need a little help. ...more

Make a new BFF: Bicycle Film Festival's coming to your town

Every year I plan to go to the Bicycle Film Festival -- the ever-bigger touring bike fest that brings together film, art, fun, games, parties, and of course, two-wheeling enthusiasts in cities around the world. The 2009 tour's hitting 39 cities, from Austin to Los Angeles to Zurich! ...more

Bicycling safety: How not to collide with cars or people

Too scared to bike? It's true -- Bicycling infrastructure in most U.S. cities are rather inadequate, with roads made for cars and cyclists considered as an afterthought, if at all.  ...more

I think part of the issue is that motorists just aren't educated about watching out for ...more

Earth Promise: The Environmental Journey is Underway

Nathan is on the road.  On May 10, 2009, Lancaster, Pennsylvania native, Nathan Winters hopped on his bike to unite his love of nature with his love of exploration hoping to draw attention to support the conservation of land and nature.   Belfast, Maine was his launching point and he’ll finish across the continent in Seattle. ...more

Radical uncluttering: Getting rid of stuff in search of new adventures

Seek adventure and freedom? Willing to give up everything you own to bring those things in your life? No? Well then you can at least experience those things vicariously via intrepid people who are de-stuff-ing their lives so they can travel light and free in pursuit of new adventures. Meet Laura Crawford and Russ Roca of The Path Less Pedaled -- a jewelry maker and photographer who are freeing themselves of the stuff that weighs them down -- to travel by bike! ...more

Bike to Work Day: Join the carbon-free commute May 15

May's the month to combine business with pleasure -- that is, the business of work and the pleasure of bike riding. May is National Bike Month, and May 15 is Bike to Work Day this year -- so depending on how bike-friendly your town is, cycling celebrations will happen for a day, a week, or throughout May -- with fun events, rides, and giveaways happening for green commuters. ...more

One way to build up the courage is to talk a neighbor or co-worker into doing it with you! ...more

Look at you go

Just a week ago your dad sent me a text with video of you riding your bike. For years, you've been terrified of the thing, convinced that you'd crash and scrape your face off on the pavement. ...more