Image from lovely sunny Sunday!  You couldn't ask for a better day to go for a bike ride.  Can you believe it?...more

A Family Experiment: No Car

Ever notice how The Universe will often force you into a healthy transition that you've been pondering anyway? Even when employing my very best avoidance and denial tactics, I'm always amazed how the mighty hand of Change will swoop in and rearrange my life's furniture with a sharper feng shui in mind. Swift acceptance is key, I believe....more
The story is inspiring. I have just stopped driving and am beginning to find ways to do without ...more

How to Teach Your Kids to Ride a Bike Without Losing Your Mind (hint: Get Help)

How to Teach Your Kids to Ride a Bike (hint: Get Help)  ...more

Nov 7: Lessons Learned on a Bicycle

Blown Tires.

You aren’t paying attention. What are you going to do when you get a flat?  Call you, of course. Except that I can’t call you, which is why I am in bike maintenance for dummies class. In cream cargo capris and a white T. Not smart, considering that the next 60 minutes will cover lubing, degreasing, repairing and inflating....more

Seven Bicycling Tips For Beginners (or Re-Beginners)

Better weather is finally here, and more people are getting out on their bikes! I know, there are plenty of articles out there with tips for beginners. But I've been pondering things that I wish I had known when I started bicycling again....more

I do so want a bicycle. There are some great paved bike trails around here and it looks fun. I ...more

Happy National Bike Month

I don’t suppose National Bike Month is a celebration Hallmark even bothers with. Too bad. But if gas prices continue to climb, every month might soon become Bike Month.Despite what temperatures may indicate (we're having a heat wave in Los Angeles and it's snowing in Minneapolis), spring really is on its way! With the start of National Bike Month we thought we'd share some tips and new cycling accessories to get you and your family ready for two-wheel transportation....more

Another interesting thing to look into that some cities are starting to do is create "green ...more

What Do Kids "Calculate" When It Comes to Conservation? It's Not $$$!

For Earth Day, author Terra Wellington offers this guest post brimming with suggestions on how to get closer to nature with your kids. You'll find other great ideas in her new book, The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green: Saving the Earth Begins at Home....more

Carpe Diem on a Bicycle

Two friends gave me an unexpected gift this Christmas: A Schwinn. A lovely, retro-inspired cruiser, replete with a basket and bell, in a sassy champagne color with white trim. The handles and saddle are black, and it reminds me of the Schwinn I had as a girl. My first "grown-up" bike. This was a sweet surprise of a treat. ...more

Happy upcoming birthday, Jenna! I hope you enjoy your cruiser as much as I do mine. Ride it ...more