Beliebers Overtake Little Monsters: Justin Bieber Unseats Lady Gaga On Twitter

I usually feel pretty good about my Twitter following. But then I heard that Justin Bieber overtook Lady Gaga as the King of Twitter (or do we call it the Mayor when someone rules a form of social media?)Either way, the Beliebers went for it recently by trending #33MillionBeliebers -- a nod to how many followers JB would need to take down Lady Gaga's 33,381,197 followers. As of this writing, Bieber is at 33,408,946....more
I'm not trying to make anyone jealous, but he follows me on twitter. lol -Ymore

Does Walmart Sell Bieber?

So…remember this post? The one where I got all self-righteous about my kid’s impressive musical taste and how great a mother I am for introducing her to good music and blocking her from mainstream crap, etc., etc.? ...more
It just goes to show you that our kids will mess with us, regardless of how awesome our ...more