Twittering, blogging and I playing with fire.

My "Little" White T-shirt company is just that, "Little" It is a me, myself and I company, thank god I have a few personalities which assist one another in the running. So me, myself and I have very little by way of a marketing budget, infact I think this months budget was around $0.24 AUD cents. I have a good product though, and have managed to sell many a T'shirt to family a friends, plus customers who come into my hubby's office when I am there also become hijacked and walk out with new T'shirts. A few months ago I found Twitter world....more

On Blogging, Popularity Contests & Why I QUIT!

Last night I received an email telling me I'm up for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Mental Wellness Blogs. You'd think that would make me happy, but it didn't really. In fact, I immediately felt sad once I understood what was involved. ...more

Are Bigger Bloggers Obligated to Help Smaller Bloggers?

I have this rather bad habit of playing devil's advocate for the sake of discussion. And I am going to stick on my Jezebel horns and do a little bit of that today. I had a post syndicated on BlogHer about jealousy and blogging that sparked some AMAZING response and discussion. It took an interesting turn when this comment popped up: ...more
@GalitBreen Super interesting. I'm 2 lazy 2 login on my phone but I'd say it's like life. Nice ...more

Hey, Jealousy: Every Blogger Was a Newbie Once

Today's topic: Jealousy in the blogosphere. Or envy, feeling left out, whatever emotion you want to add to it....more
thanks for that great post it made total sense, ive doen comments too and havent gotten replies ...more