Tween & Big Kid Party Ideas

Christmastime is here! Are you going to or having any parties? Adults love to celebrate with a bit of yuletide cheer....more

I'm Nervous To Give My Child More Freedom

Dear Mouthy Housewives, Last Friday night, my husband and I took our 12-year-old son out for ice cream. We were waiting in line and suddenly, his face turned red and he bolted out of the store. We chased after him and, with tears in his eyes, he told us he saw a pack of classmates come in and he was embarrassed to be with us. He then said he feels like we treat him like a baby and he wants to be dropped off at the mall like the other kids. I'm not sure he's quite ready for this, but how do I know for sure? I don't want to be overprotective, either. ...more
I saw the title of your post and I read it completely twice. I have a 13 year old daughter who ...more

If only gatorade had self-confidence, not just sugar and electrolytes

While we were waiting for the second day of soccer camp to start, my eight-year old and I were watching some grown men finish up their soccer match. The goalie flung himself at shots coming full-bore towards his face, making one brilliant save after another. “I’ll never be that good,” Caleb said, doodling his own ball with his foot.  “I was the worst one yesterday.” I pointed out that the goalie was probably thirty and had been playing for a long time, but Caleb was unconvinced. ...more
My students are not 8, nor my blood. That said, when a student says that s/he is a bad writer, ...more

Tonight We're Gonna Party Like it's 1999

So- I've had many jobs in my lifetime.  None of them have paid well.  Some of them have cost me!  But I'm here to let you know W-O-R-K  IS a four-letter word! I have worked for some crazy (hilariously so) people.  My first real boss after college was Layla.  She owned her business that Daddy bought to get her out of his hair.  She hid all the bills in a file cabinet, unopened, just hoping that they would pay themselves.  I became her AP person!...more

Books About Education

I have read  a number of books about education in the last few years. I think as long as I'm starting a blog, I'll make a quick inventory.K12So Much Reform, So Little Progress by Charles PayneThe Bee Eater by Richard WhitmoreDisrupting Class by Clay ChristensenTaking Science to School by Richard DuschlHow tom Homeschool by Rebecca Stroleonger.How Children Learn - HoltColoring Outside the Lines - Roger Schank...more
Sandra, This a great list of books mostly about the educational policy and infrastructure of the ...more

Education for my kids

I've heard so much about Blogher and I'm excited to finally set up an account and see what it's about.  After having been through Yahoo Groups, BBSs, and MySpace, and now being on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogspot, and Wordpress (and others), I'm not sure that a new social media is really what I need's raining outside and I thought I'd try it.First reaction, my main interest is a little hard to find. I'm mostly interested in getting input on educating my kids and digital media for education. I found three tags in different places that apply:...more
LOVE that term, "afterschooler". We did some of the same things that you are doing with your ...more

Apps We Love: “Critteroos: Mix. Match. Print.”

This app is as much fun as it is beautiful, and that’s saying a lot! Very funny, borderline surreal, educational, and easy to use, this app is a teaching tool that truly stimulates imagination and creativity. And it’s so simple! The great ideas often are.  ...more