Parenting Boys: Don't Be Such a Crybaby

 Don't be such a crybaby. It's something I'd never say out loud but...I'm tempted.I remember the moment I found out I was having a boy."It's a boy!" she cackled. "Oh, yeah, it's a boy. DEFINITELY a boy! Know what I mean?"Yes. You see a penis on the screen....more

How To Help Your Child With a School Project Without Going Nutso

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My daughter is in the 4th grade and she's a good student. However, this fall she's been assigned not one, not two, but THREE class projects to work on at home at the same time. I'm talking about things like Science Fair boards where I have to buy materials, help her out and yell at her to do it. The teachers don't seem to realize how stressful this is and one even wrote "Have fun doing this as a whole family!" on the assignment. Seriously? How can I get through this without going crazy?...more
I know!!! The last coat hanger mobile I tried to help engineer pretty much kicked my ass. Hang ...more

Pumpkins as nature's dry erase board: kids build fine motor skills and prepare their little fingers for writing while decorating

As soon as you buy a pumpkin young children ask, "can we carve it now?"  The next day they ask the question again.  To keep them happy with their soon-to-be Jack-o-Lantern we use our pumpkins as nature's dry erase board.  ...more