An Open Letter to (You Germ-Infested) Kindergarteners

Dear Kindergarten Class of 2013-2014, Yes, I am talking to you with your cute new outfits, spiffy new shoes, and recently snaggle- and gap-toothed smiles. You are all so very, very cute and I cannot wait to see the people that you grow into. However, I do have a bone to pick with you and I hope that I can speak plainly here. You make me sick. Literally, bed-ridden, fever addled, cannot breathe sick. ...more
Definitely dreading my always healthy daughter's first year in public school. I'm sure this ...more

The Little Things in Parenting Can Be The Best Things

I had a rough patch a few weeks ago.My husband's grandma died after a long illness.Work was stressful for more than one reason.My blog got hacked and it took a lot of days and a lot of money to fix it.There was drama on my son's baseball team.Etc.But in the midst of all that we celebrated my son's 10th birthday, which was joyful. And there were two small incidents that came out of his birthday celebration that I will treasure forever.These are the little things in parenting that just make my heart sing....more

The Truth About Lying

The first time my son lied to me I was like, "Oh boy, here we go!"  It had begun.  He had discovered the art of not telling the truth.  His recent lie happened yesterday....more

Break Out of the Pizza Box

Recently a friend said to me with frustration in her voice: “Where is it written, that pizza and cake is what we should serve our kids at a birthday party?” Considering the fact that was the menu at the last kid’s birthday party I hosted, I had to search hard for an appropriate response. And, mentioning that in addition to the cake I offered an optional cupcake followed by a goody bag with candy, was not the way to go. I felt guilty. I know the difference between healthy and unhealthy food. “Why don’t my actions always reflect that?” I wondered....more
@Darcie Darcie, Thank you for sharing your thoughts!    I'm glad to hear that your school ...more

Kids Create Joy!

This piece of artwork was beckoning to the children at the French Festival.  Why? Oh,You can’t see it all!  It has an awesome tail! It SCREAMS slide!!!...more

Keeping My Fingers Cross I don't Piss Off A Blogger!

Sometimes when I am reading a blog post I get an idea for my own post.  You know how it goes.  You want to comment but you know your comment will be too long.  In addition, you don’t know the blogger all that well and what you say might offend them slightly.  Which, the comment is not meant to offend but with parenting questions, well, it can get really dicey.  A while back helped a really nice young lady turn her baby around.  I read her blog post and she was having serious struggles with sleeping.  You could tell the mother was at her wits end.  The...more