Latest Bigger Loser Scare

If your morale hit the floor when you read the New York Times’ article about the massive Biggest Loser weight regain experienced by participants, you are not alone.My phone has been ringing with some mighty disheartened folks, asking for my opinion....more

Dieter Beware: Weight Loss Challenges Can Be Costly

 Oftentimes people who are desperate to lose weight fall victim to one or more of the hundreds of weight loss books, videos, diets and subpar exercise programs on the mainstream market. Nowadays many of these products are marketed as “challenges” and aggressively pushed by independent agents. I'm sure you've either seen or participated in at least one of these and I’m not talking about those harmless “Biggest Loser” weight loss challenges at work. The type of “challenge” I’m referencing is ...more

Marci Crozier, Keynote Speaker, Women's Dream Conference 2012

The afternoon Keynote speaker was Marci Crozier, a popular contestant on the 11th Season of the NBC show "The Biggest Loser".  Marci's presentation was entitled "The Journey" and it shared her and her daughter's experience with the show and the life lessons she gained as a result of her participation on it....more

Biggest Losers = Biggest Brats


Losing Weight is No Easy Thing

I watched the Biggest Loser a few times and recognized that what they were doing was hard stuff, but not until I finally decided to lose weight did I fully understand just how hard it is to do what the contestants have been doing.I am lucky in that I was given a chance to stay home with my kids and not work for a period of time.  Working, taking care of life and taking care of myself wasn't happening and I'd been slowly and steadily gaining weight.So, beginning on January 3, 2012 I became a stay at home mom with enough time to finally focus on myself!...more

On My Soapbox

As many of you know, I watch the Biggest Loser a lot and in the past, I have called them out on nutrition. I like the idea of the Biggest Loser in that I love building a supportive community around each other, working through issues that have caused one to gain that much weight, and teach people how to work out. I like that it helps build confidence because a lot of times, people don't realize that they can be athletes. Anyone, and I am saying anyone, can run a marathon. It just takes a little focus and training and Biggest Loser helps people realize that and gives them hope....more

2: Rant

Those of you who’ve been around here awhile know that I’m pursuing a career as a personal trainer. You probably also know that I am an avid viewer of The Biggest Loser reality TV show. (But for the record, it’s about the only reality TV I care to watch; most others are not only scripted — as I’m sure some of BL is — but they’re just trashy. At least BL is doing legitimately positive things in people’s lives.)...more

biggest loser 11.9.2010 - just make her go home already!!

 so, this week on BL, we were back into teams of 2.which is fine and all except for that there has been kind of a divide. if any of the girls were paired together, they didn't have a prayer. ...more

biggest loser 11.2.2010 {the US marines come to town}

 first of all,  ...more

biggest loser fall-out 10.26.2010

 they always grab you at the beginning... i was so excited that they go with "only one person's weight-loss counts for the team!"and the other team chooses that person... good one, producers.......more