when I'm wrong

So here's the thing... one of my many flaws quirks is that I very adamantly dislike things. When Sperry's were all the rage back in 2007, I made fun of them. Loudly. When everyone was romping around town wearing rompers back in 2010, I laughed....more

The Blame Game (a.k.a. Misplaced Anger)

My daughter suffered a pretty bad bicycle wreck this afternoon. I was partially to blame. Maybe fully. And I feel terrible. Whether intentionally or not, I distracted her, causing her to look back over her shoulder. She ran off our aggregate driveway into the grass, lost her balance and fell with all of her knees and all of her palms onto the rough driveway....more

I Made a Town Meeting Gasp

I'm not the kind that plays for attention. In the background is where I feel comfortable; my husband and children say I even wear mouse-coloured clothes. My mouth is not fast, or loud. But yesterday I stood up at a town meeting and made the room gasp....more
@CelloMom On Cars I agree with you, I've never rode with a helmet for all the reasons you like ...more

Thursday: Pedal, Pedal

I did manage to get up with my alarm this morning.  But since I pushed my alarm back 30 minutes, it is a hollow victory.  But 30 minutes later on purpose is better than 60 minutes later by accident I guess....more

Wednesday: Assaults and Well Wishes

My feet/toe were still screaming at me.  I don't know what that toe did to its neighbors, but they jumped it and kicked its ass.  Wednesday included yet another bike ride.  This time, I decided to ride my bike into South Mountain Park and see if I could make it to San Juan Rd, which is closed to t...more

Tuesday: Space Issues and Selling Hollywood

First, I want to express thanks that everyone I know in the Northeast is safe. They didn't all get through without some sort of impact (garages, hot tubs, power and some flooding). But everyone (so far) is ok....more

How Not to be Sad

How Not to be Sad: http://journeytowildness.blogspot.com/2012/04/how-not-to-be-sad.html...more

Bike or drive- A Joe Mohr cartoon

I love cartoons, but add some greenness to the cartoon and I am tickled green! I especially enjoyed them as a kid. But what kid doesn’t like cartoons, really? Joe Mohr uses his amazing writing and drawing talent paired with his humour to create one of a kind cartoons to get his environmental message across!...more


While writing a recent article for Huffington Post, “Worrywart’s 8 Stress-Reducing Things to Do in Beijing,” I began thinking about how much planning a worrier does before traveling in order to help assure things go okay.  Yet the most fun parts of a trip can result from allowing serendipity to take over, especially in Bei...more