rides with rick: the rainy one

This past Saturday marked a very special day for us: it was the day that was just far enough from my last bike ride day so that I forgot how much I hate bike riding, and I wanted to go for another ride.  I told you it was a special day!...more

Biking Towards Women's Rights in Afghanistan

Riding a bicycle is seen as a rite of passage for most children and a recreational tool for many adults,  but for a group of women in Afghanistan, it is a vehicle towards equality....more

That ship has NOT sailed!

Once upon a time, Peter and I bought a pair of bicycles. It had been years since either of us had been on a bike, so our excitement was tinged with a touch of nervousness as we each hopped on board and pedaled our way to the end of the driveway and down the street. But our worries were unfounded - as they say, you really never do forget how to ride a bike - and it was glorious! Childhood memories rushed back with the freedom of the open air and the feeling of the wind on my face as we sailed our way to the end of the block. ...more

I'm Obsessed with Mosi Bicycles

Vintage European looking bikes by Mosi Bicycles are a chic ride. -PJ Gach...more

Athlete Smathlete

On Friday, I purchased the 2nd bike I've ever owned in my life. Well, I guess the 3rd if you count the pink and purple plastic one I had when I was four. It was stolen from our yard and I've been grouchy about it ever since, BTW. Saturday, Sexy Nerd and I went for a bike ride. Holy freaking heck. I suck at bike riding. It kicked my ass. That's the only time I've ever written that word on my blog, out of 600 or so posts. I'm writing this shortly after returning home from said ride and my mind is in a swearing kinda mode. ...more

happy birthday, love

happy birthday, love ...more

beach bike ride

beach bike ride ...more

Spring is Here - Get Out Your Bikes!

When I was a child, biking meant freedom.  I could bike within my neighborhood to a friend's house or to the playground without any parental supervision.  These days, children are rarely allowed to roam free, but the spring air is enough for me to taste the sweet freedom of biking from my childhood again. ...more

Thank you for that link to trails. My daughter is still young so we need to stay on paved ...more

Learning To Ride

I was listening to a couple of dads today talking about teaching their kids to ride their bikes for the first time. As they were describing the day they first let go, you could hear the joy in their voices. I thought back to the time that I taught my oldest. We would go up and down the street every morning before school, each day going a little more. Her sister would be sitting in her car seat with a warm bottle of milk quietly watching, not understanding why we were laughing and giggling. One day, I knew it was time. ...more

It's hard letting them go...