Enjoying the Ride

I finally decided to just do it: I bought a used trailer for the boys that I can pull behind my bike. I’ve been wanting one for forever, but I always talked myself out of it. But with the beautiful weather beckoning, I decided to dust off the bikes and go for it. And I’m so glad that I did. We’ve had so much fun, although the maiden voyage got off to a rough start…....more

Triathlon Try - The Training Plan

My body is not cooperating.  I decided to sprint the last 200 metres of my run this morning.  And suffered....more

What? Use a Bike Everyday?

Our friend, Shiloh Ballard, foreign correspondent for The New IPO, recently posted a series of stories about her trip to the Netherlands....more

Happy 234th Birthday America

Write a Bike-Ku for Bike to Work on May 21

Once you read this haiku, you'll want to two-wheel it to your nearest ice cream shop: Strawberry ice cream Is hard to carry by bike But it makes good paint ...more

Just entered. Thanks for the heads up ...more

Triathlon Training: My First Day of Lap Swimming in 15 Years

Holy macaroni... what an exciting day this Monday is already! I know it might not seem all that eventful, but for me, my first day of lap swimming again, after nearly 15 years of doing it, was incredible. ...more

People Powered Movement Photo Contest

I'm a big walker. Because of where we live, I can walk to the grocery store, drug store, post office, gym, library, doctor's office, and the BART, which will take me into San Francisco, where I can walk some more.Consequently, I was pretty excited when the Alliance for Biking and Walking asked me to spread the word about their People Powered Movement Photo Contest. ...more

Cheap, easy, and green: Get on a bicycle

Cycling has well-known health, social, and environmental benefits too, but the transportation mode's money-saving qualities may trump them all in this economy! If you're tired of paying at the pump, get a bike for nearby errands and pay quite a bit less -- or maybe even get rid of a second car or go car-free altogether for maximum savings! Some ways to get started, eco-nomically: ...more


Haven't been on a bike in at least 5 years.  Would love to start, but my ...more

The Jesus Guy Stole My Bike

 I can’t get it out of my mind. Last night I was walking my dog in my neighborhood and I noticed that the hunky guy, who mows his lawn without a shirt, sold his house and was putting the last of his stuff on the curb. For esthetic reasons, he will be sadly missed....more