Friday Favorites #2

Blogs, stores, events and things to drool over in general. Missy Broome: She was head accessories designer at Paul Frank IndustriesMr. ToastSappy Moose TreeStain DropMaternal Spark Where creative Moms shine ...more

Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge: A Bike ride a week keeps the CO2 away, sorta

The Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge is back! The main idea of the challenge is to make all trips under 2 miles by bike, but this year's message is simpler and easier: Bike Once a Week to Fight Climate Change. Still don't have a bike yet? The 2 Mile Challenge site features a Bike Builder, which lets you, you know, build your own bike -- then sends you a gear list and info on where to get the stuff. ...more

Here is a site that is releasing CO2 to feed the plants that provide oxygen for our ...more

What Keeps YOU Young | I'm Giving Away A New Bike for An Answer to This Question :)

Over at I'm giving away a new bike.  The question is What Keeps YOU Young? To enter, all you have to do is comment with YOUR answer to this question :)  Thats it!  Will you ladies come on over? JEMi ...more

its not easy being green

i have a confession. since moving to washington d.c. i sometimes indulge in long, unadulterated fantasies about my little red ford escape. i catch my mind wandering to those blissful collegiate days, when i had to walk a mere half mile to the parking lot at st. olaf college and put the keys in the ignition for instant transportation to such exotic locales as cub foods, target, or the twin cities of minneapolis and st. paul. life was good. ...more

List of the best 8 regions where do cycle tours of Italy

Italy offers a wide selection of cycle tours : from beginner to the road warrior. You can choose to cycle in the Alps in the north, small volcanic islands in the South or cradle of the Italian Renaissance between Rome and Florence. Italy offers some nice views that you find to be impressive and beautiful. You should be aware, however, that some places do not allow you to drive freely because of the presence of vehicular traffic. ...more

Duck on bike!

A friend of mine has been very excited, and with good reason, about Duck on Bike, a most excellent contraption which one can buy for a very reasonable sum at Balloons and Tunes in Carrboro, NC. I too am excited, for back when I wasn't such a biker, I had a duck . Read more at More Miles Per Gal. ...more

Bike-bus meme

This post comes to us courtesy of the good old English language, whose ambiguity in certain cases of nouns-used-as-adjectives has created a plethora of ideas for one simple phrase. Here are some of them: A bizarre idea from Brazil (which effectively eliminates all the carbon-offset of riding a bike, but hey) ... [Read more at More Miles Per Gal!] ...more