My Commute, My Solitude

I started commuting to work by bike just over two years ago.  The immediate benefits were expected – much less strain on the car, better gas spending, more independence for me (we have always shared a car, so waiting for a ride gets old).  Since I’ve started riding a few things have changed.  My commute has gotten longer (from 3.5 miles to 6) and my resilience for winter commuting has gotten stronger (last year I only took January and Februa...more

Merlin Cycles

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Helping For The Holidays

About 10 years ago, my dad did something that would not shock anyone that knew him. My dad was the definition of “family man” and he loved nothing more than a happy child during the holidays. One particular Christmas, my dad was at Wal-Mart and saw Toys For Tots outside. He wanted to buy a toy and make a donation. While in the toy department, he overheard a little boy asking his parents for a bike and they said they could not get one that year. My dad, being the generous man that he was, did something wonderful....more

To Helmet or Not to Helmet

My husband is a dare devil with our kids.  They love all the fun things they do with Daddy, while the over protective Mommy nags on the side lines.  One hot topic that always comes up is safety pads and helmets.I have heard from parents on both sides of the spectrum.  For instance a girl I know puts a helmet on her 4 year old daughter when she rides her tricycle.  That seems very excessive to me... to finish this read please visit new2two at ...more

The Day My Son Went Unruly

My nearly 6-year-old son is something of a perfectionist and almost totally a rule follower. At my first-ever-elementary school parent-teacher conference, my heart burst with pride when I heard what an extremely respectful and sweet boy I was raising. Score: He says, “Yes, m’am,” when I’m not around. He hates to disappoint grown ups. He’s a pleaser. He colors in the lines (as best he can) and he wants to get it right....more
I know just what you mean -- I HATE that feeling when you don't know where they are for that ...more

Spring Fling: Getting the Proper Fitting Bike Helmet {with Video}

Bike Riding Season I realize that for many parts of the country, spring is in full bloom, but here in the Northern regions, we are looking at a forecast full o...more

Dog Days

The other day, before I had The Bike, I walked to the mailbox at the end of the road. There are lots of neighbors with barking dogs, and most of them are in fenced yards. But one family has a habit of getting puppies at regular intervals, letting them run loose for several months, and then putting them on a chain for the duration of their lives. These people have two chained dogs now, on opposite ends of the yard, with tiny, flimsy shelters and no sign of food or water....more

Hmmm...have you checked state law for the state you live in?

Several states have regarding ...more


Before we headed out on the road with our trailer (getting close to two years ago now), we sold most of what we owned, and traded two smaller vehicles for one big-ass truck. It made sense at the time.  ...more

Accidents Happen…or Maybe Not: A Child’s Standard of Care; Menagh v. Breitman

The Milestone One of the things that threatens my autonomous control as a mother most of all is the bike....more