Kicking it back

Jim is out on his bike taking in the crowds down here that are waiting for the fireworks that will start in about one and a half hours.The girls and I are here, resting after a good hike this afternoon in an old golf course that the state has turned back to an Environmental area,that is,they are letting it turn back into a forest! There were new pine trees everywhere, and we saw a bunny but the Kasia girl was sniffing up a storm so the other animals are definitely there....more

Awesome kids MUCT HAVE cycling gear

An AWESOME list of Kids MUST HAVE cycling gear! ...more

Family biking

Adventure Cycling Association is hosting their 2nd annual video contest, and we are participating! We created a 4 minute video featuring our Portrait of a Cyclist.   ...more

Day Trips: A Bike On The Beach

Day trips do not always have to be about trains and automobiles.  There are always other activities like…….biking on your local beach boardwalk....more

Getting Fit For Summer: The Top 8 Bike Paths in the Western United States

As any bike rider knows, the path that you ride on plays a great deal in the enjoyment of the ride. Depending on the route, you're going to either have a great or terrible time. The more challenging the route, the better. Here are some of the best bike paths to ride on in the Western United States....more
I can't wait to show this to the hubby because we love to ride our bikes on the lakefront in ...more

Some People Do Not Want To Drive

Awhile back I wrote a blog here about how pedestrian walking in urban areas should be more of a viable option because we all need to get more exercise, and I was delighted that this was a featured post here on BlogHer.  I was very excited about this, and appreciated the comments I received....more

Falling in Slow Motion

I cannot be the only one…who has watched their child heading for imminent disaster, opened your mouth to call out a warning to them, but knew perfectly well that fate’s plan was for them to fall.  This was exactly the scenario Sonny Boy and I experienced on our precarious neighborhood walk to scope out Christmas lights yesterday afternoon. ...more


I'm 33 years old and trying to stay as fit as possible....more

Friday: Same Hills, Different Day

Friday was a quiet day.  A non-running day....more

Wednesday: Hills of Noodles

Today was a day that I didn't really want to head out and do anything.  But eventually I climbed into some non-pj's and onto my bike.  I told myself I would just be casual about it.  Then I managed to find the hilliest 6 mile route in my area!  It was fun....more