when I'm wrong

So here's the thing... one of my many flaws quirks is that I very adamantly dislike things. When Sperry's were all the rage back in 2007, I made fun of them. Loudly. When everyone was romping around town wearing rompers back in 2010, I laughed....more

At the Margins - Incremental Changes towards a Goal: Health, Habits, & Infrastructure

Most people think that biking with kids is nuts.  Perhaps it's acceptable if you are out for a nice Sunday family ride, but it is otherwise seen as an extreme form of transportation. In North America, that is.  Or, at least wherever I have lived in BC, Alberta, and Québec....more

rides with rick: with wi edition

If you have been reading this here blog for awhile (read: six-ish months) then you know that it's a special day when I agree to go bike riding with Rick.  In fact, the last time that I agreed to such a crazy thing was September 20, 2015...more

YOU can bike 1,000 miles in 2016

I’m going to ride my bike 1,000 miles this year.  Want to ride along? ...more

Back on the Saddle: Training for My Next Triathlon, After Two Kids

I've been spending my early mornings, lunch breaks, and late evening training for a triathlon. It's been over two years since my last race. And now with two young kids,  I'm determined to get back in the water, my running shoes and, yes, on the bike saddle....more

The beauty of two miles

Why so many excuses when it's so rewarding, and so enjoyable?When I started riding, I considered a 2-3 mile ride to be long distance.&nbs...more

Why women don't bike

A woman at work told me recently she hadn't been on a bike since she was four years old.  She has no memory whatsoever of biking as a child.  Another woman said she could never ride like I do because she just isn't "good at it."  I couldn't understand what that meant - not being good at riding a bike.  To me, it's as natural as walking - I suppose I just assumed it was the same for everyone.  When I asked, she said she meant that she just didn't feel very comfortable guiding a bike around corners, being steady and balanced on it - bike handling, basically....more

Winter Welcome

Today the Twin Cities got their winter welcome – a nasty little storm that started early this morning and will continue through lunch tomorrow.  So far we’ve gotten rain, snow, freezing rain, and temperatures that are hovering around 30 degrees....more

Racing Lately: Tommy Cross and Star Cross

In the last week I’ve raced two cyclocross races that have reminded me that all courses can be good courses.  It is so easy to get stuck in your own narrative in biking, “Oh, I’m really a climber, I can’t do a power course,” or “I need the technical and the mud to really do well in cross.”  My narrative consists of technical elements (anything called “mountain-bikey” by the roadies), terrible weather (give me rain, snow, mud, cold) and a lack of any open flat racing.  So when I showed up at Tommy Cross last week I immediately started bitching about all the flat and open groun...more

Kicking it back

Jim is out on his bike taking in the crowds down here that are waiting for the fireworks that will start in about one and a half hours.The girls and I are here, resting after a good hike this afternoon in an old golf course that the state has turned back to an Environmental area,that is,they are letting it turn back into a forest! There were new pine trees everywhere, and we saw a bunny but the Kasia girl was sniffing up a storm so the other animals are definitely there....more