Bikini photo-shooting with the right one by Triumph!

Do you need Summer time and new beach wear?...more

Plus-Size Woman Wears Bikini in Miami; World Does Not End

"It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else's eyes." ~Sally Field ...more
Nancy_Reagan Yeah for her. More people should be comfortable and embrace their bodies.more

8 Swimwear Trends to Dive Into

We’re right around the corner from lolling-about-in-the-sun-season, AKA summer. If you’ve been looking to update your swimwear and want to be on trend this season, you’ve got a lot to choose from, stylewise. ...more

Caftan Crazy

Memorial Day is almost here, and that means one thing…Bikini Time! One of my favorite things about living in Miami Beach is summer. So many people complain about the heat & the humidity, but to be honest, after living here for 9 years, I really don’t get bothered by it much. After all, why live in Miami Beach if you don’t like the heat? With the summer warmth, comes the frequent use of one of my favorite items…caftans!...more

A History of the Swimsuit

All right beautiful people - it's that time again when summer or rather spring is in the air, and I'm feeling so inspired by the few rays of sunshine we had today, so I thought I would be a good Samaritan and share the feeling.  ...more

Some things I can’t wait for!

Amazing body – duh Bikini season! Chasing Lilly around easier Downsizing Eating a bit less – and not wanting more Fitting into my jeans better Going to more yoga classes Healthy cooking Infatuation – with myself Jogging every day Kick boxing Letting go of the old me Moving around with ease Never saying never Obviously, looking great Pushing towards my goals every day Q.  Again… Realizing I’m not losing me, just the extra weight <...more
@Denise Riiiiiiight?!?!? I better look amazing by May 8th, or else it's not going to happen. ...more

It just occured to me

148 days from now I need to rock a bikini again. Also, I’m hoping to eat a cuban sandwich, while wearing said bikini.. by then, I’ll definitely deserve that cheat. I’m taking my family to Miami, thanks to some $0.01 tickets I snagged. OoOoOoh the perks of being a travel agent. As of right now though, the thought of me in a two piece is still horrifying so I’m going to run extra hard on the treadmill tonight.  Keep wishing me luck!...more

Top 3 Summer Beachwear Trends

I'd call myself a genuine trend-watcher. I don't necessarily partake in every latest fad, but I do enjoy observing them...however crazy they may be. (remember the Bindi trend that Gwen Stefani made famous?)Anywho, in honor of the start of summer (unofficially) I'm going to post the top 3 summer beachwear trends. Some of these can even apply to the guys as well! Although, I probably wouldn't recommend persuading your man to try #3...unless maybe you were in Rio or San Fran or something. Hee hee. ;)1. STRIPES! Oh, I do love stripes so much....more

Rock The Bod You’re In

Between the New Year’s Resolutions of January 1st and the official start of summer on Memorial Day (May 30th this year, if you’re curious) there stands an obstacle course of temptation. Valentine’s Day and Easter are two of the most terrifying obstructions to your making good on your intentions of losing weight or getting fit....more

Discovering comfort in my own skin...

 This body of minethis body...more