Waxing, Shaving, Laser, Loose: What Do You Do About the Hair Down There?

We'll start with the problem: Hair. Sometimes ya just don't wait it in certain areas ... I've tried many different tactics to rid myself of the blasted stuff. ...more
You have had a lot of experience trying new things! Do you have a spa you go to regularly? I bet ...more

The Battle of the Bikini Line

We're less than three weeks away from the official start of dreaded bathing suit season - er, I mean, summer - which means it is that time of the year that the front in the war against body hair moves a bit higher up on the leg to the Bikini Line. The Bikini Line is not unlike the Maginot Line in that the enemy is going to find a way around it, and new tools of defense are constantly being introduced for those who refuse to surrender and just buy board shorts. ...more

I'm all about shaving my vagoo. I think it's gross when it's unshaved, and REALLY itchy. ...more