Find The Perfect Black Bathing Suit for Summer

Summer is right around the corner! Are you ready for bathing suit season? I am not, but that doesn't mean I'm not bathing suit shopping! What's my go-to for a day at the beach? A black two-piece swimsuit. Herewith: my choices for this season. 1. ...more

Thats really a cool collection for summer. There are varied designs and more colors.

Wall of Shame: Baby Boudoir Is Icky

I'm all about women loving their bodies, whatever their shape. Posing for boudoir photos was an empowering experience that allowed me to celebrate my curves and my personality. I loved flaunting what I'm rockin' for the photographer, for my husband and, ultimately, myself. I've encouraged all of my female friends to do it as well. But I don't encourage their two-year-old daughters. Or their four-month-old babies, either. ...more

I find it so sad how little girls are so sexualized in our culture (as well as others). If aged ...more

a tunic for every trend

It's summertime - also affectionately known as: that time of year when we should all be allowed to live in our bikinis. Either bikinis, or other fabulously chic pieces on top of our bikinis. You know - for all of those times when you decide it's time to grab a late lunch of freshly grilled seafood and fruity white sangria at your favorite beachside café. Or in my case, at whatever fabulous restaurants await me at the Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island, where I'm headed this weekend for a wedding {!!!}....more

Must Underpants Have Style?

There was a time when I wore underpants that did not cover my belly. I didn’t mind if they just covered my pubic hair and private parts. In fact, I liked that. I assumed that that is what they were for. But now, now my undies must cover my stomach, working as an invisible cloak so that I am less aware of what’s there. ...more

Ah, my job is done, bringing a plain-brief woman to the lacy-brief ...more

Little People, Big World: Age-Appropriate Kids

Little People, Big World: Age-Appropriate Kids ...more